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Your Information & Confidentiality

  • Privacy Policy for COVID 19

    National Data Opt-Out 

    From March 2020 Ashburton Surgery are compliant with the National Data Opt-out Programme.

    This means that following recommendations from the National Data Guardian (NDG) that “patients should be able to opt-out of their personal confidential data being used for purposes other than their direct medical care.”

    A patient has to register their choice to opt-out only once, and that registration applies to all healthcare settings and organisations, not just general practice. They can do this by using one of the following:

    1. Online Services  – Patients registering need to know their NHS number or their postcode as registered at their GP practice
    2. Telephone service 0300 303 5678 which is open Monday to Friday between 0900 and 1700
    3. NHS App – for use by patients aged 13 and over

    Additional resources in alternative formats 

    NHS Digital has produced a suite of resources for patients in several different formats. 

    What Information We Hold About You

    We ask you for information about yourself to help us give you appropriate care.  We retain that information because it may be of help when we see you again.

    Privacy Notice for Patients  

    Privacy Notice for Children

    What We Use Your Information For

    We may use your information for reasons other than assisting your direct healthcare and treatment.  For instance, for audit purposes when planning our services or looking at public health issues.  This might include:

    • Statistics on our performance for the NHS
    • Review of services provided to ensure they are of the highest quality
    • To assist in research projects approved by the Research Ethics Committee
    • Whenever possible, data will be anonymous.

    Sharing Your Information with Other People

    Everyone working in the NHS has a legal duty to keep your information confidential and anyone receiving information from us is bound by the same legal duty.  Clinicians and staff working at Ashburton Surgery have use of shared records, but only access them when necessary to provide you with care or assistance.  We may share information about you with organisations involved in your healthcare with a genuine need for that information, e.g., hospital referrals.

    The sharing of some information is strictly controlled by law.  Unless there are circumstances when the safety of others is at risk, we will not disclose information about you without your express permission.  This includes the disclosure of information to relatives, carers and friends.  Sometimes the law requires us to report information to the appropriate authorities, e.g., the notification of a birth or in the interests of public safety.

    We aim to ensure that any records held are accurate, secure, and only accessed on a strictly need-to-know basis.

    Data Protection Act (1998)

    The Data Protection Act gives you the general right to see or have a copy of the information in your health record.  If you wish to see your records you should make a written request to the Practice Manager.  We are obliged to let you see the information and to explain any part you don’t understand.  If you wish to have a copy, there will be a charge for administration.

    If your doctor feels that seeing your records might put you or someone else at risk, you will only be shown part of your records or your request may be declined.


    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new law that determines how your personal data is processed and kept safe and the rights that you have in relation to your own data.